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Is Gorilla Trekking Worth The Hype | Blog Details | www.visituganda.com/

Is Gorilla Trekking Worth The Hype

For most travelers, trekking the Gorillas ranks among one of the absolute highlights of a trip to Uganda, and the spine-tingling feeling that you get being so near to one of our closest relatives is hard to describe.

Mountain Gorillas are one of the world’s most endangered apes and it is estimated that there are only 720 (approximately) left throughout the world. Almost half of these can be found in Uganda, as well as populations in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

According to The Ugandan Wildlife Authority, there is a 95% chance that you will come across the Gorillas on your trek. Your journey will be an exhilarating one: cutting your way through dense jungle, thick bamboo, past local homesteads and up forested hills… Tracking times do vary and can be anything from a little as 30 minutes to 7 hours! But your efforts will be rewarded with your first sighting of the Gorillas, as these gentle giants shyly approach you and you come face-to-face with one of nature’s greatest animals.


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