Uganda Takes Aim At Poachers

KAMPALA: Uganda’s wildlife authorities made a grim discovery recently at Entebbe International Airport: Hidden in mismarked crates were more than 700 kilograms or 1,543 pounds of elephant ivory and 2 tons of scales from pangolins, otherwise known as scaly anteaters.

"We want new laws now to increase the fines to become deterrents … to make it so risky for the poachers," he added.

The International Gorilla Conservation Program estimates the viewing permits generate $3 million annually. All told, gorilla-related tourism produces about $20 million a year for local HOTELS AND communities, it said.

Parliament reconvenes this month, so there’s a chance it could push through new legislation for Uganda this year.


Source: Lizabeth Paulat,Voice Of America 

Author: CENGKURU MICHAEL   0000-00-00