Brussels Airlines comes to the aid of Uganda tourism

  • Brussels Airlines comes to the aid of Uganda tourism
    The Uganda Tourism and Cultural Forum shall start 23 May, 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark

    KAMPALA - Brussels Airlines has once again come to the aid of Uganda's tourism industry when the airline slashed their fares to allow a delegation from The Pearl of Africa to exhibit in Copenhagen, Denmark, in late May this year, when the Ugandan Embassy is hosting a "Uganda Tourism and Cultural Forum" at the Bella Centre. The theme for the event is "Tourism and Culture for Development."

    Participants coming from Uganda, among them reportedly staff from both the Uganda Tourism Board and the Uganda Wildlife Authority, will be flying from Entebbe via Brussels to Copenhagen where they intend to meet tour operators and travel agents from across the Scandinavian countries. The full day event will run from 0800 until 1900 hours on that day.

    Tourism stakeholders were swift to applaud the initiative but also pointed out that a one-day event, filled with what one commented “too many speeches” was seen as insufficient to make a significant impact in the market place, considering the sheer size of Scandinavia.

    “Unless one builds on that day and goes out to sell Uganda by visiting travel agencies and tour operators specializing in African travel, there may not be too much gain except for some publicity. What is important is that we start making appearances as a country in the main tourism trade shows which are held in such places like Gothenburg. But I agree it is a good start to put Uganda on the map,” commented another.

    Other stakeholders expressed their gratitude to Brussels Airlines which has in the past granted rebated tickets to participants in key European tourism trade fairs like ITB and WTM, giving huge discounts on published fares.

    Source: eTN




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