Uganda Tourism Board launches the Bamasaba 'IMBALU' Cultural drive.

  • Uganda Tourism Board launches the Bamasaba
    This partnership with the Inzu Ya Masaaba in Bugisu comes at a time when Uganda Tourism Board is focusing on promoting Domestic tourism most especially by working with regional clusters.

    KAMPALA - August 15, 2014 - Uganda Tourism Board this year will be partnering with Bulambuli District which is tasked to organize this year’s festival in an effort to make the circumcision festival of the Bamasaaba a colorful one. “IMBALU” as it is locally referred to among the Bagisu occurs once every two years during leap years. Every male has to undergo this ritual upon reaching puberty. Those who abscond are hunted down and forcefully and scornfully circumcised

    This year, the festival will be held at “Mutoto Grounds” in Mbale district on the 19th August 2014.

    UTB believes in promoting domestic/regional tourism as a means of forging integration and fostering development in the region. 

    Between 29th -30th July this year, Uganda Tourism Board held a preparatory meeting in Mbale for the “Imbalu” in this meeting Uganda Tourism Board expressed how it was coming out in a strong way to work with regional clusters. It’s on this basis that we want to promote Imbalu as a key tourism product of the Eastern region. And this would come a long way in complementing the other attractions like bull fighting, Mount Elgon, Agro tourism (rice, coffee, beekeeping), Sipi falls, Wanale hill among many others. A combination of these, well packaged will make tourist stay longer in the region and hence spend more.

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