Program for Independence day celebrations released

  • On Saturday 9th October all Ugandans all over the world shall be celebrating the 48th Independence day. The state celebrations for this day have been organized at Kololo Airstrip grounds, Kampala where the Guest of honor shall be H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the president of the Republic of Uganda.

    The Minister for the Presidency, Hon. Beatrice Wabudeya, revealed this year's programme for the commemoration of five decades of independence to the media as she was briefing journalists at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala. The Honourable and the executive director of the Pan African Movement, Grace Kabayo, highlighted that there will be award of medals to 52 Ugandans for their participation in the independence struggle. However, the names of the people to be honoured at the celebrations were not disclosed.

    The Annual National Prayer breakfast on the eve of independence (8th October) will be hosted at the Imperial Royale Hotel, but the National Trade Fair is already underway. A textbook on patriotism for secondary schools will also be launched on Saturday during the main festivities at the Kololo Independence Grounds.

    Details about the ceremony on Friday were not revealed, but a monument, which is still covered, has been constructed at the Kafumbe-Mukasa Road roundabout. It is expected to be unveiled on Friday, 8th October.

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