Birding Uganda Website Launched

  • Great news for all the bird enthusiasts out there! A brand new, comprehensive site on birding in Uganda was launched.

    Uganda is renowned for having two of the top ten birding spots on the African continent: Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Murchison Falls National Park.

    "This website is designed to help avid birders and all visitors plan their visit to our lovely country and explore all of the natural treasures that Uganda offers. Our Birding in Uganda section highlights hotspots around the country, the Build an Itinerary section connects you to tour operators specializing in birding itineraries, and the Birding Resources section provides everything you will need to get that life lister you've been looking for!"

    Uganda is immensely endowed with over 1,000 bird species; some of which are endemic to the country; mainly in the Albertine region. These constitute 67% of Africa's and 11.1% of the world's total population, making the country a must visit for bird lovers. Some of the most interesting birds include; the crested crane (recently named 'Gray crowned crane'), Shoebill, Wattled plorer, Africa Fish Eagle, African Jacana, Saddle Billed Stock, Pelican, African Pigmy Geese and Narina's Trogon.

    Click to visit the uganda birding website.


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