Uganda's Tourism Police launched

  • As the vibe of Uganda’s Travel and tourism industry raises, another initiative comes in just at the right time, - the launch of the Tourism Police Unit.

    The Tourism Police Unit was launched on February 29, 2012 at the Uganda Museum by Hon. Minister Ephraim Kamuntu.

    In the same breath, he narrated a separate but positive incident where an Australian tourist got so fascinated by birds while in Bwindi that she moved far away from the group and got lost in the forest. Her colleagues were out of their skin with worry and contacted the Uganda Wildlife Authority who in turn sought help from the Uganda Police to beef up their search party of rangers. After several hours of diligent searching, she was found stricken with fear and hungry but in one piece. She was extremely grateful and spread the news about the care and efficiency of the combined team. To date, the State Minister said, the country receives the highest number of tourists from Australia.

    The force will be increased to 600 from the current 120 officers, wearing khaki uniforms with a label “Tourism Police” above the pockets.

    “Tourism is not just a sector. It has a multiplier effect. When tourists come here, they pay for visas as well as transport, accommodation, food and entertainment,” the minister said.

    The newly-created Tourism Police will patrol all places believed to be frequented by tourists, including setting up bases at night clubs, in a move to ensure safety of tourists.


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