President directs reallocation of the Kayunga ferry

  • President Yoweri Museveni Wednesday directed relocation of a sh3b ferry meant to link Nabuganyi landing site in Kayunga district and Mbulamuti in Kamuli district because its scheduled route is not navigable.

    The President directed that the ferry which has remained docked at the Nabuganyi landing site for more than three years be taken to Kasana landing site three-and-a-half kilometers away given that the route from Nabuganyi to Mbulamuti on River Nile has protruding rocks that pose a threat to the vessel.

    The engineers Wednesday told the Museveni that the route from Kasana is free of rocks and deep enough to allow the ferry operate.

    Local leaders put up a more spirited fight against any planned relocation of the ferry, prompting the President to direct a team of police divers to plunge into the water to establish the truth.

    The excursion took the team about 15 minutes and Museveni sat and waited for them to return . After their assessment report, he issued the directive for the relocation.

    "I am now satisfied that there are rocks that will damage the ferry and I appeal to you to accept relocation to Kasana," Museveni said after parading the police frogmen.

    He said for the avoidance of doubt, police will return to the same spot with underwater cameras and  film the rocks which will be availed to the local population as evidence. "But in the meantime we will relocate the ferry and maybe in future we will look for a much lighter ferry that can operate from Nabuganyi to Mbulamuti," he said.

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