Uganda tightens security after the Nairobi incident

  • Following the May 28 Nairobi incident in which over 30 people were injured, security at the Malaba and Busia posts on the Uganda/Kenya border and across the country has been tightened.

    The incident has kept the Ugandan security agencies on their toes to protect against such similar occurence in the country.

    Robert Katuramu, the Tororo district Police commander on Tuesday (May 29, 2012) said a combined force of security agencies were on alert at the border to ensure the terrorists outfit does not cause similar attacks in Uganda.

    "Our anti-terrorist squad is on alert along the main eastern main borders at Malaba and Busia. We are not taking any chances. We are subjecting, pedestrians and passengers for thorough checking. Because there are porous border points along this area where suspicious persons can easily sneak in, we have stationed security checks at various points along the routes from the border points to curtail any planned attacks," Katuramu said.

     A regular check point for Special Revenue Protection Services (SRPS) was mounted about a kilometer from the Uganda customs yard and another check point of traffic police officers, about 1.5km along the Malaba-Tororo highway.

    So all travellers and visitors planning to come or those who are here already, are rest assured of maximum security. Kindly bear with thorough checks at all entry points.

    The Newvision


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