Official brief on the recent Ebola outbreak in Uganda

  • KAMPALA – 01 August, 2012 – A joint team of Ministry of Health and World Health Organization (WHO) officials have confirmed the outbreak of Ebola Hemorrhagic fever, in the north -Western district of Kibaale, which is 200kms away from Uganda’s Capital City, Kampala. It has so far claimed 14 lives.

    Investigations by the Uganda Virus Research Institute and Center for Disease Control in Atlanta have confirmed that the deaths are due to Ebola Virus.

    The Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Health has set up an isolation center at Kagadi Hospital in Kibaale district to handle the suspected cases and is continuing surveillance to ensure that no new cases contract the disease.

    The World Health Organization has also issued a statement confirming that the disease is being contained. There is therefore no need for panic among both Ugandans and Visitors to the country. WHO is however   urging that precautionary measures need to be taken to avoid unnecessary body contact, especially in the areas where the outbreak has been reported because Ebola is highly infectious.

    Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) notes with concern that there are some cancellations of intending visitors to Uganda about fears of contracting the deadly virus.

    This is to affirm and assure all visitors (Tourists) both within or intending to come to Uganda that the situation is under close control and Uganda is still safe. All the National Parks and protected areas are safe with no reported case of Ebola.

    The following hotlines have been issued by the Ministry of Health to enable reporting of any suspected cases or symptoms for the disease.

    +256 774 451 762 or +256 706 506 294 or +256 757 174 555

    For more details download the official pressrelease.


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