Kampala sights and sounds become part of tourism circuit

  • Kampala has an advantage of being the most hospitable city in the region.

    Kampala is waking up to harness its tourism potential by offering intending visitors opportunities to walk around some of the city’s cultural treasures. Herbert Byaruhanga, the chairperson of the Uganda Safari Guides Association, said a number of circuits are being developed to provide a unique experience to visitors.

    This, he added, will take visitors around some of Kampala’s landmarks such as the Constitutional Square, the Independence Monument, a statue of former Buganda king Edward Muteesa 11, the Kampala Railway Station and St. Balikuddembe Church, where the first martyr was killed.

    “We want to offer visitors coming to Kampala a unique experience,” Byaruhanga said. “There are people who come to Kampala to attend meetings and do not have time to go to national parks. With the tourism circuits available, the visitors can see the city and have a better experience.”

    Two weeks ago, the association went through the circuit after getting a lot of encouragement from people in countries where urban tourism is well developed.

    “We did not want to have tourists on the first tour, but a German diplomat came and he made important contributions,” Byaruhanga said.

    Every year, Kampala gets about 800,000 visitors. The promoters are targeting 30% of the visitors. If each tourist pays $20, it would help create employment for fresh graduates who could earn up to $6m a year. So far, 15 guides have been trained.

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