Schools To Tour Islam Route In Buganda

John Ssempebwa of UTB with Prof. Badru Kateregga
and Hajji Musana address the media

This year, as Uganda and the world celebrate Uganda Martyrs, Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) invites all Muslim founded institutions and well-wishers of Islam in Uganda to tour the special trail tracing Islam in Buganda.

The call was made during a joint press conference between UTB and the Uganda Muslim Teachers Association officials on 23 May 2015 at the UTB premises in Kololo.

Islam was the first foreign religion introduced into Uganda. As early as 1832, Muslim traders from Egypt and Sudan had reached Uganda and had spread early seeds of Islam.  The first official ceremony associated with tracing Islam’s roots in Uganda was held at present day Wamala Tombs when Kabaka Suuna II welcomed Arab traders. In addition to the Wamala Tombs, there are several other historical sites in and around Kampala that mark the role of Islam in Uganda’s social, economic and political history.

Uganda Tourism Board, which is the national agency for promotion of tourism, in close cooperation with Uganda Muslim Supreme Council and Uganda Muslim Teachers Association, has identified several sites that explain the route that Islam took into central Uganda and developed a special trail around Kampala and its suburbs for tourists, students and pupils to tour and appreciate the role Islam has played in Uganda as they trace the route Islam took into central Uganda.