Uganda’s Fourth Tourism Expo Ends In Jinja

The occasion that started February 14th saw nature lovers compete for space with romantics, in popular destinations that are spread across the country.

While seeing the guests off at Imperial Royal Hotel, Uganda Tourism Board’s(UTB) CEO Steven Asiimwe assured them that Uganda has enough on its tourism menu to cater for everybody.

“Even the visually less endowed have tweets from 1065 different birds and the sound of water struggling to pass through rocks in Murchison falls as the long  River Nile goes to Egypt,” said Asiimwe. “Come and explore prolific tourism options in place.”

“Regardless of the volume of guests Karibu(You are welcome) , Uganda is a preserve for all,” confided UTB’s Patrick Katerega.

Talking to the hosted destination buyers, was a revelation that they are spoilt for choice when it comes to variety.

“Tourism is one thing counterfeiters have failed to replicate,” observed Keza Ryan while taking pictures of gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. “This is my third trip here. The gorillas in the jungle are a sight to behold.”

During the zipline in Mabira Forest (Lugazi,) hearts skipped beats as adrenaline junkies were strung on ropes and sent torpedoing high up, from one tree to another, in the thickets.

“I am in love with everything I set my eyes on,” said Erlin from Finland. “I remember the gorillas, antelopes, waterbucks and zebra. I have loved the Rolex chapatti and steamed bananas.”

However UTB is challenged to complete a national grading of hotels.

“We need to book in, while knowing the standard of services expected to be rendered,” noted Raju Modha from Tanzania. “Our clients are very sensitive to the slightest error in the chain of services offered.”

Time keeping was a short coming that always kept the events behind schedule.

Elisha Banner of Expia Incorporation challenged the organizers, to deliver what they promise, stick to the program and make up for errors or they risk staying behind in the competitive business."

The destination dealers sampled the air, water and road means of transport available to different destinations in the country.