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u  respondents from Asia Pacific, which spend more than the global average, indicated strong intention (77%) to travel more in the future  ... more

u  travel options is fuelling the tourism boom. most (71%) chose to fly economy class while, perhaps surprisingly, only 16% chose budget airlines… more


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Aiming to improve the competitiveness and strategic position of Ugandan tourism products and services, with accurate information about global tourism, market trends, visitor profiles and more.

Holidays at Home are GREAT!

Wallace and Gromit, the Nick Park-created animation duo, are to star in a £4m UK tourism campaign, appearing in a TV advert designed to inspire Britons to take holidays in their own country …. MORE

Profile of Today’s Global Traveler (Visa)

u They are seasoned travelers, with 79% travelling in the past two years, taking 1-2 trips per year.

u 80% plan their holidays in advance, taking an average of 10 weeks to organize the trip.

u   Spending time with family and friends was cited as the most popular (38%) reason for a holiday. 

u These trips are more likely to be organized independently (42%) and will last an average of 10 nights. 

u They choose hotels of four stars and above (39%) with 69% choosing to take a trip with family members.   MORE

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According to the European Travel Commission, growth-supporting actions should be taken to maximize tourism contribution to weak economies.

Although, facing economic headwinds, tourism has the potential to play a key role as a tool for economic development and job creation.


Interesting information about Emerging Market Economies and its potential for tourism worldwide … MORE

European Tourism 2013. Trends & Prospects