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    Lake Bunyonyi

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    • just | 01:14:00 on 2014-12-10

      it was my best experience but many people are not informed about it
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    • Cherj | 04:24:00 on 2014-03-25

      I visited a year and a half ago. Breathtaking experience. Went on a boat ride and took some amazing photographs. Saw monkeys. Will be returning in June 2014.
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    • Godwin | 01:09:00 on 2014-03-06

      is was wonderful
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    • Trekking | 10:12:00 on 2013-07-22

      Gorilla Trekking
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    • Daniel Baigulanira | 09:28:00 on 2013-05-20

      this is just heavenly...i cant wait to marry and go there for honey moon!!!!!!!!
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    • oumar | 06:20:00 on 2013-02-16

      i swear , it's wonderful to see, once i was there.
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    • gamby oumar | 06:17:00 on 2013-02-16

      fantastic, wonderful to see!
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    • Michael | 01:28:00 on 2012-11-04

      I can only summarize what I saw in Lake Bunyonyi in June 2011 with a popular Gospel song "How Great Thou Art particularly the first stanza How awesome wonder"
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