Kampala Art Biennale

  • Kampala Art Biennale
    The Kampala Art Biennale will bring together artists from all over the world into Uganda, showcasing their work and judged by a panel of internationally acclaimed judges.

    Kampala art biennale is a showcase of contemporary art from Africa with the goal to expose, educate and create debate about the value of art in society. It was established to recognize, and integrate African contemporary art that is being created on the peripherals of mainstream information avenues.

    The Kampala Art Biennale will take place in Kampala from 1st to 31st August 2014 at the Museum, National Theatre and Makerere University. This event will bring together artists from all over the world into Uganda. The main event involves 45 artists from across Africa having their work showcased and judged by an eminent panel of internationally acclaimed judges. The Biennale takes place in various cities and are key in the world of art and design. Popular Biennale host cities include Milan, Venice and Hong Kong. Kampala will be the first city in Africa to host this event.

    Kampala art biennale was established by Kampala Arts Trust www.kampalaarts.org, a collective of visual and performance art practitioners living and working in public and private spaces within the precinct of Kampala city. It was born out of the need for inclusion faced by artists working on the African continent trying to reach the global art scene. Kampala art biennale is afro-centric in nature in that it seeks to promote only artists (foreign or native) working on the African continent by creating a vibrant and visible platform.

    The Theme

    Progressive Africa is a theme derived from the current Pan African – and increasingly global discussion of AFRICA IS NOW versus AFRICA IS THE FUTURE.

    Today in Africa, you will come across divergent conversations between different kinds of people; African with African, African with European, Indian with American, all talking about the status of Africa in the global village.

    Our Goals

    • Promote Contemporary Art exchange between Ugandans and the rest of Africa;
    • Develop creativity and critical thinking in the realization of artwork from Ugandan students;
    • To stimulate and inspire artistic creativity and provide an art market for Kampala;
    • Organize the international art event to promote Kampala and Uganda as a preferred Art tourism destination;
    • Educate Kampala society about the value and importance of contemporary art
    • Use art to rebuild the creative, jubilant, celebratory spirit of Kampala.


    The Biennale exhibition will be on for the whole month of August 2014 at various venues around Kampala. Main Exhibition Venues:


    • Uganda Museum
    • Uganda National Cultural Center (UNCC – former National Theatre)
    • Makerere University
  • Activities

    Art pieces and art work showcasing, artistic competitions, facial painting, painting, auctioning & sale of art pieces


    Progressive Africa; Is Africa Now or the Future?

    Useful information

    Dates: 01/Jul/2014 – 31/Aug/2014
    Venue: Uganda Museum, National Theatre and Makerere University

  • Organizer

    Kampala Arts Trust, Uganda Tourism Board


    Tel: +256 (0) 414 342 196/7
    Email: Click here
    Website: Click here

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